Tree Canopy Coverage

A University of Southampton study reports that the 929 hectares of Southampton’s trees sequestre 2684 tonnes of CO2 annually. [ page 7]

This equates to 2.89 tonnes per hectare for the type and age of tree found in Southampton [note the 534 kg/hectare in the article refers to the number of hectares of Southampton that were studied {5019 hectares}, not the area covered by trees {929 hectares}.

Eastleigh’s tree coverage is estimated as 22%


Eastleigh BC’s total area is 7977.8 hectares []

Therefore the area of Eastleigh covered by Trees is 1755.12 hectares, which absorbs 5072.3 tonnes per year.

The average emissions from the development is 350,000 tonnes/year over the project lifespan. Therefore Eastleigh needs at least 65 times as many trees as it has to make the development sustainable.

121,107 hectares of similar age/density trees would be needed to absorb 350,000 tonnes CO2 annually. This total tree canopy coverage is at least 3 times the area of Hampshire.

This is roughly equivalent to 1000 times the area of Southampton airport.


  1. One large protected sapling could be planted just where the runway extension is proposed.
  2. The Councillors on Eastleigh Local Area Committee could refuse the application to expand Southampton airport.

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