Eastleigh Economy

Dear Councillor,

We appreciate that you will want to make up your own mind after reading all the material in the revised application. 

We have spent many hours looking through the material and don’t envy you in your commitment to appropriate scrutiny of the evidence.

However we thought that you might appreciate just a few quotes taken from the Environmental Statement Addenda to aid your deliberations on what is often presented as the benefit of the extension:

Employment & Economics:  The types of direct jobs are anticipated to be in the transportation and storage, accommodation and food services, retail and supporting services sectors….”

The airport promises 600 of these types of jobs.  However only 73% of those are likely to be from the Solent LEP [Local Enterprise Partnership]. Of these a smaller percentage would be Eastleigh jobs – we estimate 260 at the very most (some data from Steer Davies Gleave 2017 suggest the % of Eastleigh employees is even lower – leading to only around 120 jobs).

The GVA [Gross Value Added] that would accrue to Eastleigh BC by 260 jobs is broadly equivalent to the amount Eastleigh would have to pay when Aviation is brought into its Carbon budget (See NEF Consultants  report – commissioned by EBC). Taking the more pessimistic figure of 120 jobs would leave Eastleigh in debt.

In short: The runway extension would result in little or no net gain to the Eastleigh GVA.

It is perhaps little wonder that officers from Eastleigh BC  have already commented:

” No significant gain of long term, quality jobs for the local workforce is currently identifiable.

Moreover, the revised economic assessment states that if Flybe’s routes are being taken up by other airlines (as is happening) extending the runway will lead to “neutral economic effect” and zero new jobs compared with not proceeding with the proposed development. Furthermore:  

As we are sure you will be aware, there are the additional costs of health & quality of life to be taken into consideration, but with your indulgence we will return to these matters at a later date.

We note that there is nothing in the revised economic assessment to indicate that the survival of Southampton International Airport is at risk. Without the runway extension it will remain able to offer the important regional connectivity with the Channel Islands and elsewhere which AXO supports.


Airport eXpansion Opposition

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