Let’s All Say “No” Together

Help Build our Community Collage

Send your picture to noexpansionselfie@gmail.com

Writing to councillors and MPs is all good fun (right?) but we thought we’d offer people an alternative way to share their objection. We’re looking for as many people as possible to contribute a photo to our collage that simply says “No”. Here’s how to join in:

Step 1: Take your No Selfie

If possible follow these guidelines:

  • Hold a sign saying “No” in front of you and use it to cover the lower half of your face
  • Close your eyes (as we need people to open their eyes to the facts)

Step 2: Send it or Share it

You can share it using any of the following:

Email: Send your picture to noexpansionselfie@gmail.com
Twitter: Click the link below and add your picture to the tweet:

I’m saying “NO” to #AirportExpansion! @EastleighBC please open your eyes to the facts. #NoSOUExpansion #NoAirportExpansion #Southampton #Eastleigh #ClimateEmergency #NoisePollution #AirPollution

Step 3: Leave the rest to us!

We’ll continue bringing everyone’s pictures together so we can all say “No” as one. Thank you!

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