Why we’re campaigning

Whilst accepting the need for a small regional airport at Southampton, we acknowledge that the Climate Crisis means we must all fly less.

What can you do?

1) Sign the petition

The petition to Southampton City Council closed on 3rd November with 1573 signatures, which should be enough to trigger a full debate at the Council meeting on 20th November 2pm. Please come along!

You can still however express your opposition to airport expansion by signing the 38 degrees petition. Please tick the ‘keep me informed’ box.

2) Object to Eastleigh Council

We are expecting the planning application for airport expansion be submitted imminently, and when it does we urge you to object. Here are some points that you may wish to use in your objection.

Please keep checking this site and as soon as we know the application number we will update this information

3) Write to your councillor

Contact your 3 ward councillors to share your concerns and asking them to object to the expansion. Visit Southampton City Council’s website here to find your councillor and their contact details.

We’ve written a template you can use. See our blog.

4) Make a noise complaint

If you live near the flight path and are bothered by the noise of planes flying overheard please email “Noise complaints” at SOUNoiseComplaints@southamptonairport.com. You can do this every time a plane bothers you and they have to log it!

5) Share the petition

Share the petition with friends, family, colleagues and your community through social media and other forums.

Use hashtag #aXoSOU and tag us on Facebook @aXoSOU.

6) Get involved

The Airport Expansion Opposition (AXO) campaign is run by Friends of the Earth Southampton and partnered by other groups including Extinction Rebellion Southampton.

Join us at our next meeting to find out how you can get involved. Visit our Facebook page or email us at aXoSOU@gmail.com for more info.

Blog Posts

  • Southampton City Council Meeting 20/11/19: Join us!

    13th Nov 2019 by

    Thanks to your support in the AXO campaign so far, we have gained 1,573 signatures in the petition to Southampton City Council. This will trigger a debate at Southampton City Council’s meeting on Wednesday 20th November 2019, 2pm. We will be presenting the following supportive evidence alongside the petition. Please join us there. Southampton International… Read more

  • Local aviation NOx

    11th Nov 2019 by

    The LTO ( Landing and Take-Off) cycle figures quoted in EU and UK government sources refer to emissions emitted within a designated time frame and area up to 1000m height. They therefore seem the best indicator for noxious (or poisonous) emissions produced by aircraft that directly affect people living near the flightpath. Whilst CO2 has… Read more

  • SOU’s carbon footprint

    5th Nov 2019 by

    SOU (Southampton Airport) estimates that each passenger on a non-return flight to Bordeaux is responsible for 85.3 kg aviation CO2 emissions. [https://www.southamptonairport.com/media/6029/southampton-airport-public-information-session-materials.pdf page 8 ]. Assuming that only Bordeaux is served, this amounts to 170,000 tonnes CO2 each year that flights from Southampton airport account for, currently [this is more than 4 times what Eastleigh… Read more

  • Questions & Answers

    28th Oct 2019 by

    Won’t a longer runway allow more efficient planes to use the airport which will be better for the planet? The engine on the currently operated Embraer 195 jet (max. passengers 120) uses 328 Kg fuel over the standard TLO (Take-off Landing) cycle and produces 3341 g NOx [ICAO data sheet]. The engine on the Boeing… Read more

  • Flight Shame

    28th Oct 2019 by

    Flybe is already thinking of reducing its operations because many people are giving up flying because of its well-documented negative effects on climate change. https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2019/10/18/flight-shame-could-lead-flybe-to-cut-domestic-routes/?fbclid=IwAR0x4NO57qrsJgmUbgqzIH6zuhlMuspyO2IOFGwV0qj-zoELw87VkpAoHqk You can also sign up to the campaign “Are you one of the 100,000 who will be flight free in 2020?” http://www.flightfree.co.uk

  • Southern Damselfly at risk

    27th Oct 2019 by

    The soil where the runway will be extended is contaminated with asbestos https://www.asbestoslawpartnership.co.uk/news/26/Asbestos-Locomotive-Works-Railways and heavy metals (including arsenic) from the adjacent land which has housed railway works for many years. A tunnel underneath the runway will be required to access the development site to the north east of the airport site https://www.southamptonairport.com/media/5988/sou-a-vision-for-sustainable-growth.pdf [page 36] .… Read more

  • “Don’t be Fooled Again!”

    25th Oct 2019 by

    Summary of Reasons for Opposing Airport Expansion The airport plans to extend its runway in order to accommodate more and bigger aircraft. It forecasts a more than doubling of passenger numbers by 2027. This will increase noise and air pollution affecting local people and make it much harder to avoid catastrophic climate change. NOISE: The… Read more

  • Facts, Figures & Quotes

    19th Oct 2019 by

    The airport’s last masterplan in 2006 [https://www.southamptonairport.com/media/1051/southampton_masterplan_final.pdf ] claimed there would be 1541 people directly employed at the airport by 2015. In 2015 this number was actually 950. This time (2019) the airport claims there will be 1200 jobs at the airport by 2027. Taking the same % overestimation as was made in 2006, this… Read more

  • The Waterside also suffers

    12th Oct 2019 by

    Dear All, I wonder if you are aware of the extent to which residents of the Waterside area, on the other side of Southampton Water, have been affected by aircraft noise and pollution since the decommissioning of a navigation instrument several years ago. I live in Hythe and was totally unaffected when I moved here eight… Read more

  • Arguments for Objection – Eastleigh

    9th Oct 2019 by

    Airport expansion needs to be considered on a regional/national level rather than at local level – expansion of Heathrow would draw custom away from regional airports, and the impact of expansion at other regional airports will impact on passenger flows through Southampton Airport The expansion would lead to increased traffic generation with associated congestion and… Read more

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