Why we’re campaigning

The Climate Crisis means we must all fly less. The expansion of Southampton airport flies in the face of common sense.

What can you do?

1) Write to an Eastleigh councillor

From now until the Eastleigh planning meeting (date unknown) write to your Eastleigh Borough Councillor here (to find your councillor and their contact details.)

Because of COVID-19, the next local elections have been postponed until May 2021. These should be for all areas of Eastleigh Borough Council, except West End North and South. Now is a good time to let start letting your candidates know if airport expansion matters to you – they may want your vote! A list of Councillors (many of whom will seek re-election) whose term of office ends this year is here. Even if a Councillor is standing down, you can ask them to forward your views to the new candidate. Please copy us Councillors’ replies: aXoSOU@gmail.com

AXO will publish all candidates views on airport expansion when these become available

Here’s a summary of issues that may be helpful. 

We’ve written a template you can use. See our blog.

2) Make a noise complaint

If you live near the flight path and are bothered by the noise of planes flying overheard please email “Noise complaints” at SOUNoiseComplaints@southamptonairport.com. You can do this every time a plane bothers you and they have to log it!

3) Get involved

The Airport Expansion Opposition (AXO) campaign is run by Friends of the Earth Southampton and partnered by other groups including Extinction Rebellion Southampton.

Join us at our next meeting to find out how you can get involved. Visit our Facebook page or email us at aXoSOU@gmail.com for more info.

4) Celebrate some successes!

Following the success of our petition (1900 validated signatures), Southampton City Council convened a special meeting of the Planning and Rights of Way (PROW) panel on Tuesday 28th January. AXO prepared a comprehensive objection speech and there was plenty of support for us before the meeting and in the public gallery!

This formal agenda with the planning officer’s report and consultation comments are here.

Despite two of the City’s departments having issued clear objections – on the basis of the development’s appalling impact on noise and climate change – the City planning officer recommended an overall holding objection’, which effectively meant asking the airport to provide more information. AXO said this was not good enough.

The City Council panel voted against the holding objection, stood up for its citizens and issued a clear and unambiguous objection.

 “AXO is very encouraged that SCC has come to this decision, with no votes against. It shows just how compelling the case against expanding Southampton airport is. We hope that Eastleigh will take this on board and that our government takes climate change, and building a green economy, seriously.”

To see the full planning application for airport expansion submitted to Eastleigh Borough Council, click F/19/86707. The formal Environmental Statement and some public comments are under the ‘documents’ tab. Most public comments are under the ‘comments’ tab, but you have to scroll quite a way down to find them.

The first consultation period has now closed (16/01/2020). However, because the airport’s application has been so shoddy and incomplete they need to provide additional Environmental Impact information. Therefore there will be a new consultation. This seems likely to be before the end of March to allow a month’s consultation (and processing of the responses) with a view to deciding the application at the end of May. If you responded to the first consultation, Eastleigh BC should invite you to comment on the new information.

The application will be considered by a specially convened meeting of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee (ELAC) on a date and location to be confirmed. If you would like to know when this is, or be reminded to comment, join our email list: aXoSOU@gmail.com.

 Read our summary of concerns.

4) Be mischievous!

Please send us your work – aXoSOU@gmail.com

Blog Posts

News: Flybe’s Collapse

Given Flybe’s collapse, it is worth re-reading Dr. James Dyke’s prescient article. Southampton airport’s owners (Ferrovial) will be attempting to seduce EasyJet and use this to ‘railroad’ Eastleigh Council’s approval of the runway extension that is required to profitably run the noisy, polluting A320 jets (Easy Jet does not run Turboprops). Time for a sustainable useContinue reading “News: Flybe’s Collapse”

Eastleigh Councillors

ACC=Airport Consultative Committee; ELAC=Eastleigh Local Area Committee – the planning panel that will decide on the expansion application ACC ELAC 5.5.20 Ward Lib. Dem. Con. Ind. David Airey X (Chair) V Margaret Allingham V Janice Asman X (Vice Chair) V Margaret Atkinson X Hiltingbury V Tim Bearder V Paul Bicknell (Vice-chair Cabinet) X X (Chair)Continue reading “Eastleigh Councillors”

A320 take-off profiles

Southampton airport is reported as having said that heavier planes taking off (if the expansion goes ahead) won’t be flying lower over Southampton. Hope this graph might make matters clearer. Basically this shows that the less loaded the plane (the greater the weight ‘decrement’) the steeper the take-off angle and the quicker the plane climbsContinue reading “A320 take-off profiles”

Tree Canopy Coverage

A University of Southampton study reports that the 929 hectares of Southampton’s trees sequestre 2684 tonnes of CO2 annually. [https://eprints.soton.ac.uk/415849/2/Soton_i_Tree_report_final_v2.pdf page 7] This equates to 2.89 tonnes per hectare for the type and age of tree found in Southampton [note the 534 kg/hectare in the article refers to the number of hectares of Southampton thatContinue reading “Tree Canopy Coverage”

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