AXO update – keeping you informed

Following the vote by Eastleigh Council to approve the extension to Southampton Airport runway we’ve received lots of offers of support and new members. So many people are concerned about how much noise pollution would impact their lives. People are also worried about the impact of expanding aviation on climate and the risk of furtherContinue reading “AXO update – keeping you informed”

Eastleigh full council votes to support runway extension

In the early hours of the morning of 10th April, Eastleigh councillors voted 22 for, 13 against and 1 abstain regarding the Southampton Airport unway extension. This is a disappointment to our campaign but we are taking advice as to our options for future action. We have heard airport-supporting claims that we cannot address environmentalContinue reading “Eastleigh full council votes to support runway extension”

Let’s All Say “No” Together

Help Build our Community Collage Send your picture to Writing to councillors and MPs is all good fun (right?) but we thought we’d offer people an alternative way to share their objection. We’re looking for as many people as possible to contribute a photo to our collage that simply says “No”. Here’s how toContinue reading “Let’s All Say “No” Together”

Myths busted

How do we know you aren’t making up all these stats about numbers of flights and people affected?Don’t take our word for it! All the facts and figures we are quoting about potentially 48 A320 jets per day and the 46,000 people to be affected by noise above 51dB are taken directly from the documentsContinue reading “Myths busted”

Eastleigh Local Area Committee REJECTS recommendation to allow the runway extension

After 16 hours of representations and debate, both of which became emotional at times, the Eastleigh Local Area Committee (ELAC) voted 5 to 3 to reject the planning officers’ recommendation to approve the runway extension at Southampton Airport. This encouraging, and frankly rather unexpected, result is a win for the wonderful efforts of many membersContinue reading “Eastleigh Local Area Committee REJECTS recommendation to allow the runway extension”

Southampton Council continues to object to runway extension plans

Tuesday’s Planning and Rights of Way panel meeting reviewed the changes recently made to Southampton Airport’s proposal to extend the runway to accommodate more aircraft and thus more passengers. The panel considered that the alterations did not change the impact on Southampton residents and so Southampton City Council will continue to object to the expansionContinue reading “Southampton Council continues to object to runway extension plans”

AXO SOU’s response to the application to expand Southampton Airport

we believe planning permission should be refused because the harmful effects are neither adequately mitigated nor outweighed by the benefits, as detailed here.

The myth about reduced emissions because of fewer car journeys

Does a bigger Southampton airport with less need to drive to more distant airports offset flight carbon emissions? In its public information displays prior to submission of the original planning application the airport gave an example of routes to Bordeux from Southampton and from Gatwick. Although Southampton Airport has stopped using this argument – becauseContinue reading “The myth about reduced emissions because of fewer car journeys”

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