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Airport eXpansion Opposition accepts the need for a small regional airport at Southampton, whilst acknowledging that the Climate Crisis means we must all fly less.

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Legal action on airport extension decision

Obviously we are very disappointed in the judge’s finding against the judicial review, though there remains the possibility of an appeal. Our main concern is for the changing climate and local people who will end up suffering a lot more aircraft noise. We call on the airport to genuinely engage with the people who will be affected, and to do everything they can to encourage airlines to use less noisy jets. We also call on them to be honest about flying’s damaging effects on the climate (which extend far beyond the ‘direct operations’ they are promising to make ‘net zero’) and the implausibility of ‘green’ aviation being available on a large enough scale in time to avert climate catastrophe.”

What can I do?

We will provide another update when we know whether or not there will be an appeal. If the runway extension goes ahead it will be important to engage with the airport on minimising the severe impacts of noise on local people.

Complain if aircraft noise bothers you

Please email sounoisecomplaints@southamptonairport.com, giving the day, time and your postcode. They will be able to identify which plane it was, log your complaint, and check whether it was following the correct path. We are hearing comments that aircraft are using different flight paths from those used before the pandemic but the reason is not clear.

Join us and spread the word

Join us to find out how you can get involved. Please email foesoton@gmail.com and paste: “Please add me to your mailing list. I agree you can email me about Southampton Friends of the Earth.” ( The AXO mailing list is coordinated by Friends of the Earth Southampton.)

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Think tank calculates Southampton Airport extension will cost taxpayer £742m

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) says the cost of cleaning the extra carbon emissions generated at Southampton Airport as a result of extending its runway has been underestimated and will end up costing tax-payers £742 million. NEF’s latest analysis uses new government guidance which they say shows the true climate cost of Eastleigh Borough Council’sContinue reading “Think tank calculates Southampton Airport extension will cost taxpayer £742m”

Marlhill trees under threat again

Southampton Airport has appealed Southampton City Council’s Planning Committee’s refusal of permission to fell trees in Marlhill Copses southern edge, known as “compartment 1(a)(i)”. This compartment comprises tall pines and other trees along the edge of the woodland path and the application was to fell almost all of these trees and replant with low-profile plants.Continue reading “Marlhill trees under threat again”

Why the concept of “net zero” is a dangerous trap

An article by climate scientists including James Dyke from Southampton University lays bare the dangerous of reliance on “net zero” to save us from climate catastrophe. https://theconversation.com/climate-scientists-concept-of-net-zero-is-a-dangerous-trap-157368 The concept is based on the fact that if climate change is being caused by too much carbon dioxide in the air, the solution would appear to simplyContinue reading “Why the concept of “net zero” is a dangerous trap”

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