Why we’re campaigning

The Climate Crisis means we must all fly less. The expansion of Southampton airport flies in the face of common sense.

What can I do?

1) Object to ELAC (Eastleigh Local Area Committee)

Thank you to everyone who has objected and supported this campaign so far. There will soon be the all important planning meeting, involving Eastleigh Councillors(postponed – possibly until March). Please EVERYONE email all ELAC councillors emphasising your objection, and your reasons why (remember – find full evidence and reasons to object here!).

Councillors details are as follows (from Eastleigh BC Committee Mailing List):

tina.campbell@eastleigh.gov.ukalex.bourne@eastleigh.gov.ukpaul.bicknell@eastleigh.gov.ukdaniel.clarke@eastleigh.gov.ukjephthe.doguie@eastleigh.gov.ukwayne.irish@eastleigh.gov.uksara.tyson-payne@eastleigh.gov.uk, Darshan.Mann@eastleigh.gov.uk

Are you an Eastleigh Borough resident?

2) Contact your Councillor

If Eastleigh Borough Council empty your bin, you are a resident of Eastleigh and are eligible to directly contact your local Councillors, asking them to refuse the extension.

We’ve written a template you can use. Find it here, where you can also find helpful links to find your representatives’ contact details.

Are you a Southampton resident?

3) Contact Southampton City Council

Individuals living, working and/or studying in Southampton can contact planning@southampton.gov.uk to ask Southampton City Council to continue to object to the application.

Put reference in the subject line: 20/00943/CONSUL airport expansion; re-consultation. Best to explain why the development would affect your enjoyment of the City Southamptoneven if you are just a regular visitor.

It is important that the City Council continues to oppose airport expansion. It would be helpful if you can email City Councillors individually or (if you’re short of time) copy them (and your MP) into your objection to planning. City Councillors emails here .

What else can I do?

– If you are affected by airport noise, make a noise complaint

If you live near a flight path and are bothered by the noise of planes flying overheard please email “Noise Complaints” at SOUNoiseComplaints@southamptonairport.com. You can do this every time a plane bothers you and they have to log it.

– Get involved

The Airport Expansion Opposition (AXO) campaign is run by Friends of the Earth Southampton.

Join us at our next meeting to find out how you can get involved. Visit our Facebook page or email us at aXoSOU@gmail.com for more info. We are looking for more active members and representation from the Eastleigh area in particular.

Don’t forget to share the campaign with friends, family and neighbours too!

Thank you for all your support.


– Celebrate some successes!

Visit our blog to read and join in on the celebration of the successes of the AXO campaign so far.

– Be mischievous!

Send your work to aXoSOU@gmail.com.

Blog Posts

Airport will greenwash under 1% of CO2

1.11.106 (Amended Non-Technical Summary) “The majority of emissions are expected to be produced during operation, with the additional flights to and from Southampton International Airport due to the proposed development making up 99.64% of total emissions attributable to the Proposed Development.” Environmental Statement Addendum page 1.51 “Aviation emissions are excluded from the quoted UK GovernmentContinue reading “Airport will greenwash under 1% of CO2”

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