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Airport eXpansion Opposition accepts the need for a small regional airport at Southampton, whilst acknowledging that the Climate Crisis means we must all fly less.

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Legal action on airport extension decision

Thanks to all our generous donors towards the legal challenge to the granting of planning permission for Southampton Airport’s runway extension, an application for a judicial review has been submitted to the High Court. The legal action is being taken by GOESA Ltd (“Group opposed to expansion of Southampton Airport”), a company limited by guarantee which has been set up for this purpose because we believe that the council’s decision was wrong both in the way it was taken and in the arguments to justify it. Over half the money needed to fund the challenge has already been raised, with over £20,000 from AXO Southampton’s GoFundMe appeal and over £35,000 in direct donations to GOESA Ltd. The money has been used to engage a legal team who have wide experience of environmental cases and we’re confident that we will be granted permission for a full judicial review. We want to thank everyone who has donated so far, but further funding will be needed to meet the costs of that next stage. Please donate if you haven’t already, and share our crowdfunder. We know many people feel strongly about this decision – a decision that will harm the lives of thousands of people who will suffer worsening noise. It will also damage the climate at a time when we should be ceasing all climate-harming activities.

The more people who donate (even if small amounts), the more we can demonstrate the importance local people place on this. Critical will be spreading the word about this appeal to everyone who cares about their own health and future, or who simply care that other people have a world in which they can thrive no matter where they live.

Thank you again to all our supporters – we could not do this without every one of you. We know we have widespread support in the community. New people are continuing to join our mailing list. We believe that the decision should undergo independent scrutiny, and urge those who agree with us to contribute to the appeal. Legal action is now the only possible mechanism for ensuring that the expansion plans can be objectively assessed.

The airport has claimed that pursuing legal action will lead to a delay in the “creation of 265 jobs” for the construction phase at a time of high unemployment. But these jobs will only last for the 8 months of the construction process, so are hardly a long term solution to unemployment. As for delaying the process… the airport itself introduced a 4 month delay by withdrawing the planning application last November with barely a week’s notice!

If you agree with us about this damaging development please contribute what you can towards the costs and join our mailing list for updates.

What can I do?


Please donate whatever you can to the crowdfunder. If everyone who lives under the flight path gave £10 we would have what we need!

Complain if aircraft noise bothers you

Email sounoisecomplaints@southamptonairport.com
Given the day, time and your postcode and they will be able to identify which plane it was and whether it was following the correct path.

Join us and spread the word

Join us to find out how you can get involved. Please email foesoton@gmail.com and paste: “Please add me to your mailing list. I agree you can email me about Southampton Friends of the Earth.” ( The AXO mailing list is coordinated by Friends of the Earth Southampton.)

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Thank you for all your support.

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Are AXO making it up?

When we talk to people in the real world and on social media, we are often met with disbelief about statements we make about the environmental, social and economic impacts of the planned runway extension. Whilst these values may seem incredible, they are not fake – AXO has not made them up. This blog addressesContinue reading “Are AXO making it up?”

Report claims climate change impacts at Southampton Airport could be almost twice as high as previously claimed

The climate impact of the planned Southampton Airport expansion could be almost twice as high as its proponents claim, according to research from the New Economics Foundation (NEF). https://neweconomics.org/2021/05/turbulence-expected. The report finds that the scheme is likely to account for an increase in annual airport-level emissions of up to 654,000 tonnes of CO2 and CO2-equivalentContinue reading “Report claims climate change impacts at Southampton Airport could be almost twice as high as previously claimed”

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